Are there any exclusions to the warranty? What does the warranty not cover?

  • This limited warranty does not cover any damage due to: 
    • (a) transportation; 
    • (b) storage; 
    • (c) improper use, careless use, misuse, abuse, use outside the customary or traditional use of the product or for anything other than the use the product is designed for; 
    • (d) failure to follow the product instructions or to perform any preventive maintenance; 
    • (e) modifications; 
    • (f) unauthorized repair; 
    • (g) normal wear and tear; 
    • (h) purchases of the product from unauthorized dealers, retailers, or resellers; 
    • (i) use of the product outside of “normal use”, which is de ned as more than two hours within a four hour period using cordless operation;
    • (j) use of parts and accessories other than those produced or recommend by us;
    • (k) external causes such as accidents, abuse, weather, electrical outages, excessive heat or cold, degradation of the external or internal surfaces due to exposure to chemicals or solvents, power surges or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control. Additionally, this warranty does not apply to any product that has had the serial number altered or removed.
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