How to Clean Your AER Dryer

Your AER Dryer can be cleaned using a cloth dampened with water or isopropyl alcohol that is at least 70%. Isopropyl alcohol is commonly referred to as "rubbing alcohol" in the United States. Gently wipe down the outer surfaces of the dryer, being careful not to expose any of the buttons or the inside of the nacelle to water or alcohol.

To remove the rear intake filter, simply grasp the outside of the grill and turn counterclockwise about 30 degrees. Once the grill is removed, you may clean the grill using the methods listed above and remove any dust or hair that has accumulated. To reattach the grill, insert the grill back into the rear of your AER Dryer and gently turn the grill clockwise until it stops.



  • Do not use any abrasives materials when cleaning your AER Dryer
  • Do not use any chemicals other than water or isopropyl alcohol to clean your AER Dryer
  • Never insert anything into the gaps between the buttons and the plastic housing, or inside the front or rear of the dryer
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