Congratulations on your AER Dryer!

We know you are excited to use your new AER Dryer. Before you do, we recommend taking the following steps.

  1. Charge your AER Dryer for about 90 minutes. The AER Dryer is shipped with the battery discharged and should be charged to 100% before first use. The AER Dryer will show a green light above the on/off switch when it is ready to use.
  2. Download the AER App on the App Store or Google Play. Pairing your AER Dryer with the AER App will help you get the latest firmware updates for your dryer.
  3. Pair the AER App with your AER Dryer to register your device. The first time you pair your phone with your AER Dryer, the AER App will automatically register your AER Dryer. 
  4. Download and install any firmware updates. These firmware updates will make sure you have the best experience with your AER Dryer.

You are now ready to go!

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