AER Dryer Colors, Explained

The AER Dryer was designed to be more than something that is tucked away in a drawer after every use. You have a mobile lifestyle, and you need things that can be easily accessed and put away, without taking up an inordinate amount of space on your counter. The AER Dryer was designed with this in mind, including the color selection.

  • White with Rose Gold is intended to complement a lighter colored bathroom with a subtle hint of glisten from the rose gold. It is fancy, but not overly stated. It fits your style, without dominating your bathroom.
  • Hunter Green with Rose Gold is a standout color choice that offers a complex contrast and firm sense of style. It is not intended for the faint of heart with a gender-neutral appearance that is at home with darker colors or can stand out with a lighter background.
  • Black with Rose Gold is a classic color combination that looks great in any environment. The black was originally intended to have a gunmetal silver accent, however after many requests this was changed to rose gold. The black has a slight hint of blue, giving the color greater depth and interest.

No matter your style, the AER Dryer will stand out.

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