Traveling with the AER Dryer

The AER Dryer was built to travel, and there are a few features that make this easier:

  1. Universal Power. When traveling abroad, you will only need to take an adapter and not a converter to most countries. The adapter simply adapts the standard twin-blade plug common in the United States to a plug that fits with outlet style in your destination. The AER Dryer has a built-in universal power adapter, allowing the dryer to accept common voltages around the world.
  2. Travel Cord. The travel cord allows for a less-bulky option to charge your AER Dryer. The Travel Cord does not have the charging brick built into your Quick Charge Base, so we recommend charging your AER Dryer overnight between uses. Your AER Dryer can also be used as a corded dryer when using the Travel Cord. Note that the AER Dryer will not charge while in use with the Travel Cord.
  3. Design. The AER Dryer is built as compact as possible with a sleek design, allowing the dryer to travel with you easier in carry-on luggage.

Flying with the AER Dryer

Many airlines and government regulatory agencies restrict the types of products that can travel in passenger aircraft cargo holds. The AER Dryer is like a laptop, in that it may be restricted from checked luggage but is generally acceptable in your carry on. Check with your airline about specific rules.


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